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Newline Education excels in the area of whole-school transformation. We are able to offer comprehensive or individual support and development unparalleled in the industry. Our Core Services are fully customizable to fit your situation and meet your goals.


We help schools develop onboarding and training programs and culture that make effective and substantial change throughout an entire school or district. Based on our research-driven model for digital learning and system improvement, we craft an Omnifocused Training™ and development scenario that suites your teachers, students, and staff, guaranteed to produced the best possible results.

OmniFocused Training
Change Agents
We offer a revolutionary support services model that allows you to balance support needs between EdTech (ET) and InformationTech (IT), seamlessly. We provide unparalleled IT and EdTech support, and now you have the option to dictate the balance of scope between the two. Network support, G Suite administration, WiFi, data analysis, teacher coaching…you make the call.

From 3 day workshops with 20 trainers, to 15 minute TED talks, we can provide any type of professional development or training you can dream up. We have over 500 different topics we present on; from G Suite, to student motivation, 21st century assessment, to adaptive learning saturation, we cover it all. We even offer the option to create an internal badging system or provide college credits for nearly everything we do.

We have the most comprehensive set of teacher benchmarking, student portfolio programs, competency layers, impact guides, training systems, badging programs, and curriculum tools in the industry. From 21st century scope and sequence plans, to on-demand learning modules, no one out there even comes close to our content and expertise.​

Development & Tranform Tools

Looking to increase student ingenuity and innovation by adding makerspaces, innovation labs, or idea hubs to your school? Or maybe you are thinking of redesigning your LMC or library. We offer comprehensive consulting and contractor options for schools looking to revitalize and re-imagine both their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Innovation Spaces -anch


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